For a while, I was Not Team Shonda. Everything she threw at our beloved characters just seemed WAY too much, even for a drama series. Particularly when it came to Calzona. I had fears anyway that a heterosexual female couldn’t pull it off, y’know? Those fears, I quickly learned, were unwarrented and Shonda gave us one of the Greatest Television Lesbian Couples Ever. They were epic as a couple, epic as individuals. They faced the hard times together in ways that were almost always the way you imagine you’d do things yourself. Their relationship was secretly what you aspired to have your own be. 

Gradually, I became Team Not Bothered By Shonda As Much. Sure, the cheating, the baby, the car accident, the wedding, the plane accident, loosing Mark, Arizona loosing her leg, all these things made me sit there and cringe because I just wanted ALL THE HAPPY all the time with them. Let others struggle in their relationships, let Calzona be that proof that happily-ever-after is entirely possible. 

And now this. 

S-P-O-I-L-I-E-R Alert. Continue at your own risk! 

I don’t even know what this other doctor’s name is, the specialist they flew in. Truly don’t remember. Is it Lauren? I don’t know. But the instant she and Arizona met, you knew something was happening. You knew instantly where it was going and what was going to happen but surely, SURELY Shonda wouldn’t do that to us. Is there anything more cliched than the lesbian cheating on the lesbian (aside from the baby mama lesbian)?

There was a moment of reprieve when the moment finally came. Yes, Arizona passionately kissed this woman. Not acceptable, but probably moreso than anything else, if anything else has to happen. And then she turned away, she was going to leave. You could see that split moment play across her face. Calliope. Sofia. Is it worth loosing them for this, this physical moment? 

I was certain she was going to keep walking. 

And then she didn’t. 

True, maybe she hasn’t actually slept with the other woman. Maybe they’re just having an intense passionate kissing session, hands above the scrubs please. 

After all, did you think Alex had beaten the other guy into a coma? Made perfect sense, didn’t it? 

So maybe Callie will burst into the on-call room… seconds after they’d already left it. Perhaps Arizona will stop for a second time and actually walk away. 

I’d really, really like an explanation from Shonda. Not because I feel I’m owed one, I know Shonda answers to no fan when it comes to these things. I’m just genuinely curious what made her decide to put this hurdle in their path. 

Additionally? What is it that makes Shonda think a person’s character can change so easily? I’m of the belief that if you are not the type of person who will cheat, you simply aren’t. I am committed to my partner, Laura, of six years, and would never in any situation cheat on her. It would be one of the worst things you could do to your loved one. It would go against my very moral grain.

I know everyone is different, I’m just speaking in terms of myself here. I just do not believe that any experience in my life, no matter how bad, could seem to fundamentally change me to that extreme. Not that Arizona’s accident is the reason, after a fashion.

Arizona was heartbroken when she discovered Callie had cheated on her with Mark - I don’t think it would have mattered who it had been, just that Callie had done it although of course, that it was Mark was pretty bloody bad. I don’t believe that someone who has felt that heartache, has had that betrayal, would then turn around and do the exact.same.thing. 

Since there are a number of reasons as to why Arizona has done this, all of which would be ‘believable’ and ‘acceptable’ in Television Land, not real life, I’m still holding out that there is a reason that I can swallow. Don’t tell me that she didn’t feel she and Callie were as close, don’t tell me she felt that Callie hadn’t been there for her, or pressuring her too much, that issue was dealt with. 

And if it’s because Arizona felt something instantly with Lauren, how is that acceptable either? Come to think of it, I almost had a tiny bit of the same reaction to Imagine Me & You. Didn’t like the guy Rach’s character was going to marry, got the whole falling in love at first sight thing (which I don’t think is the case with Arizona and Lauren) Anyway, I won’t swallow that explanation either. 

I’m still trying to figure out what would be ‘ok’. Of course, ultimately, no reason is acceptable to me. You cheat on someone for any reason, under any circumstance, it is cheating and it’s wrong. The hurt you’ve caused someone who loves you with everything they have, that kind of hurt is preventable, as it rightly should be. 

I just hope that we aren’t kept waiting until next season. While I think the underlying issues Arizona clearly has could take an entire season to be dealt with, surely she’d have some sembalance of a reason in her mind already. 

Well… rant over I suppose! Thanks for listening! 

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